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BrighTex Bio-Photonicssets up its European headquarters in Toulouse

Toulouse reaffirms it ambition of becoming a « French Silicon Valley » with the arrival of the American high-tech company BRIGHTEX BIO-PHOTONICS (BTBP). Specialising in artificial intelligence and cosmetics, this company from California chose Toulouse as the base for its European headquarters.  

In a hyper-competitive environment, the team at the Development Agency were able to convince BTBP, adding further weight to Toulouse’s claim on the title of capital of technological innovation. With numerous businesses specialising in this sector of industry, it provides the possibility to develop synergies that encourage the development of new players setting up a base here.

BTBP will join the other companies specialising in technological innovation and scientific research at Toulouse Biopark.

Since 1st May, the American firm BTBP, this small and successful family-run business with 50 employees, has based its European headquarters in Toulouse. As of this summer, BTBP will take its place at Toulouse Biopark, which is located on the Oncopole campus within a business park that specialises in technological innovation and scientific research. Operating mainly in the cosmetics field, the company provides artificial intelligence technology for ultra-precise 2D and 3D skin imagining.

The arrival of BTBP heralds the creation of dozens of jobs over the coming three years.

The company will also rely upon its Toulouse base for continuing to develop its cosmetics business in Europe and deploying its technology across new sectors.

A rich ecosystem that encourages synergies

A historic hotbed of innovation, the business ecosystem of Toulouse is particularly favourable to the success of innovative project leaders that offer high added value. These companies are able to find, all in one place, world-renowned research centres, the headquarters of major international buyers, a network of start-ups that is among the most dynamic in France and a concentration of skills of the very highest order.

In this way, the Development Agency has been able to spearhead proposals based on the different synergies possible right across the area for the technologies developed by BTBP.

Renowned cosmetics companies have subsequently expressed an interest in the technology created by BTBP, notably Pierre Fabre, Givaudan, IFF-Lucas Meyers and even Clariant Active Ingredients.
BTBP’s technology has also won over other major players in the intelligent transport and automobile sectors.

I carried out two visits to Toulouse during which I had the opportunity to discover the richness and diversity of its local industry. Toulouse is blessed with an economy that is more attractive than that of other owns and countries across Europe in terms of business development and working with and for numerous partners.
It was thanks to the Toulouse Métropole Development Agency team that we decided on Toulouse! From the very start they helped us to evaluate the infrastructure available for supporting our R&D projects in France. They also introduced us to the key players that we work with in developing our activities across Europe. They provided us with the kind of support that all companies look for and that is what convinced us to base ourselves in Toulouse.

- Raj Chibber, President of BTPB

Toulousen capital of French Tech, in figures:

  • 3,000 companies involved in information technology – over 200 start-ups, including 78 newly established since 2014.
  • 38,000 jobs created – 1,298 jobs created at start-ups since 2014.
  • 94 start-ups have raised €414 million since 2014 and 11 start-ups have raised €185 million since 2016.
  • 20 technology accelerators.
  • 163 research and development centres.
  • 20,000 students that are experts in this field.


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