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They chose Toulouse

They’ve all chosen Toulouse, won over by an exceptional business ecosystem that combines world-renowned research facilities, the headquarters of major international buyers, a network of Start-ups that is one of the most dynamic in France and a concentration of skills of the very highest order.

As a bonus, Toulouse offers the perfect balance between economic dynamism and a wonderful quality of life!

PODIUM #50 - Rémi Alquier, FLOODFRAME

FloodFrame designs and markets an innovative flood protection system that seamlessly and effectively integrates into the surroundings of the property requiring protection. In September 2021, the CEO Rémi Alquier and the Danish partner, also named FloodFrame, decided to establish a new company in Toulouse.


Joshi Suyog - NEEWEE

We have chosen Toulouse for its amazing aerospace ecosystem, its excellence in IoT, and its very strong academic network. As our company is specialized in data analysis, it makes more sense for us to have a close collaboration with PhD students in mathematics for internships and future employment opportunities.

The Invest in Toulouse team gave us fantastic help showing us various options and different places in the city to set up our company but also connecting us with good accountants, truly qualified lawyers, potential customers and above all, future clients.

Silas VILLAS BOAS – Green Spot Technologies


Choosing Toulouse was first a decisive financial advantage because we were able to enjoy the facilities offered by Toulouse White Biotechnology without having to invest in expensive equipment. We work in the food sector, and considering France’s expertise in cooking, it makes complete sense to be based here.

We received a lot of support from Invest in Toulouse. They helped us in organizing our meetings and introducing us to different local players.

What I love the most about Toulouse is the friendliness. It is a place that makes you feel part of the community, and that is great!


Sylvain Françoise Dal-Mas - TORUS ACTIONS

Settling here was a no-brainer because we have a strong link with Toulouse’s education system and its academics and we tend to develop our company by hiring students who come from these schools or laboratories (Ecole Nationale d’Aviation Civile, Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, Laboratoire d’Analyse et d’Architecture des Systèmes, Toulouse Business School…).

What really attracted us is its proximity to very dynamic ecosystems as much in artificial intelligence as in other fields; ecosystems like the “Digital 113 cluster”, the “Toulouse is AI group”, the “ANITI”, and also important ecosystems like the Aerospace Valley, Robotics Place, and Eurobiomed which accompanies us.

It’s a city that demonstrates its desire to co-create and co-construct the innovative applications of tomorrow.

David HENRI – Exotrail

David Henri - EXOTRAIL

We came to Toulouse to be closer to the aerospace talent pools, local laboratories, potential clients, and our existing customers.
After our stay in the Nubbo incubator, Invest in Toulouse helped us to find office space.

We love this city for many reasons and we are very happy to have chosen Toulouse because it’s a very good place to work!

Implantation d'entreprise : DATAPY

François de Le Rue - DATAPY

Datapy is a company in the field of computer data. They chose to settle in Toulouse for three reasons: an economic wealth with large extremely dynamic sectors, a wealth of talents with engineering schools and universities of very high level and finally, a living environment that combines a work-life balance.

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Implantation d'entreprise : AVIWELL

Rémy Burcelin - AVIWELL

Professor at the Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse and head of research laboratory at the INSERM institute, Rémy Burcelin decided to create his company in Toulouse. It is in the capital of the south-west of France that he designed a unique and innovative process to produce a naturally fatty "foie gras".

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Implantation d'entreprise : AUTICONSULT

Flora Thiebault - AUTICONSULT

Auticonsult is a digital company that has the particularity of employing autistic consultants.

Why Toulouse? Well, for the dynamism of the Occitan region, both at the industrial and technological level, and at the level of autism because there are a lot of university and associations’ initiatives, in support of the autistic population of this region.

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