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Toulouse, experte dans le domaine des drones


Toulouse wants to be a “pilot” in the field of drones, both in terms of design and manufacturing activities, but also in terms of uses, with the VILAGIL project, for example, which thinks of our tomorrow.

Drone's network in Toulouse

Engineering schools experiment all kind of projects

For example ENAC (national airline pilot training center) has its own drone test zone equipped with high tech instruments.
The ONERA - the French national laboratory for Aerospace experimentation - has a whole department focused on researches on drone technology and  solutions.
Additionnal institutions work on this field: the IMFT institute (institut de mécanique et de Fluide de Toulouse), the CNRM-GAME, the MAV (Micro Air Vehicules) Research Center, the DroneLab from Artilect.


Here are the drone manufacturer among Toulouse area

In 2011, DELAIR was hosted in one of our incubators and supported by Toulouse Metropole. Since then, the company has become a big player in the drone industry as they are dedicated to fixed-wing drones that meet the requirements of long-haul flights.
DELAIR has also created "delair.ai", a visual intelligence platform. Now DELAIR employs more than 180 people, has also established operations in Los Angeles and Singapore, and has customers across 70 countries.

Diodon is focused on inflatable drones.
Donecle enables the use of drone solution for aircraft visual inspections.
SunBird and Boreal: options for long-haul drone flights.
Drotek design, manufacturing and operation of drones for Entertainment purpose.


Agenium Drone develops solution to prepare drone's missions, mainly in relation with agriculture.
Reflets du Monde: company of pilot's training.


Toulouse, une ville experte sur l'ensemble des transports

All kind of transportations in Toulouse

Toulouse through its expertise on other transportation means benefits from skilled people to work on airworthiness, UTM from ATM, geo-positioning accommodation of payload, auto-pilot, embedded systems, security protocols, etc...

L'ancien aéroport militaire en reconversion Francazal

Experimentation zone in Toulouse

The former airport military airport Francazal has been tranformed into an experimentation zone, where all kind of new transportation is tested: HyperloopTT, Easymiles, and drones.

The Robotics Place cluster gathers 78 members: companies, laboratories and universities, to develop solutions for upcoming challenges.
Launched in 2012, the Robotics Place cluster is the 1st in France  contributing to the development of the sector in France and abroad.
This cluster belongs to the FFCR - Fédération Française des Clusters de la Robotique.

logo cluster ROBOTICS PLACE


Charlotte VOISIN

Business Development Manager Aeronautics & Space


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Charlotte VOISIN - Ingénieure Commerciale Aéronautique et Spatial - Invest in Toulouse
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