Let's talk about your project!

Let's talk aboutyour project!

Free and confidential assistance in each step of your set-up. An individual support and presentation of the existing ecosystem will allow you to concretize your implementation and develop your project in Toulouse.

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World capital of aeronautics and space

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Artificial intelligence and autonomous transportation

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Cross-fertilization of technologies in the life sciences sector


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€ 500M of public investment by 2020

5 major urban development projects
20,000m2 of public structures
30 private and public support structures
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The main mission of Invest in Toulouse is to prospect, attract and welcome the creators of wealth and jobs. The 17 projects supported in 2016 will create more than 600 jobs. Invest in Toulouse offers established companies a recruitment assistance service that includes translation, proofreading and dissemination of job offers. Feel free to send your application to a current job offer from the list below.

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BrighTex Bio-Photonics sets up its European headquarters in Toulouse

Toulouse reaffirms it ambition of becoming a « French Silicon Valley » with the arrival of the American high-tech company BRIGHTEX BIO-PHOTONICS (BTBP). Specialising in artificial intelligence and cosmetics, this company from California chose Toulouse as the base for its European headquarters...

120thousand students

25%of European jobs


Electric visionary aircrafts (EVA) sets up base in Toulouse

Toulouse, capital of the transport of the future

Toulouse Métropole has confirmed its ambition to become the European hub of the transport of tomorrow, weaving together a robust new business ecosystem in this field. The start-up Electric Visionary Aircrafts (EVA), who...


Minds & Tech

Oct 9th, 2019

Event highlighting collective intelligence for use by artificial intelligence, in partnership with MIT.


La mêlée numérique Homonumericus

Sept 30th-Oct 7th, 2019

The human at the heart of tech! Year 19 of their digital flagship and innovation event in Toulouse. Hundreds of conferences, workshops, round tables, and demonstrations.

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