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Toulouse School of Economics

Toulouse is the 2nd university hub in France

In 1229, the University of Toulouse  was the second institution to be created in France,  and today includes 130,000 students; 15,000 of which are international students

2universities ranked in the 2021 Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities

Toulouse Capitole I University, Paul Sabatier III University

3rddestination for foreign students

in 2020

15k15,000 foreign students

117k117,734 students

Numerous students and a world class education

  • 1st city most favored by students  for higher education (L’Etudiant, 2015)
  • 117,734 students, 15,000 international students
  • 2nd oldest university in France, created in 1229
  • The Federal University of Toulouse regroups 23 higher education entities as well as 6 research institutes

The largest graduate school in aerospace engineering worldwide is in Toulouse

The ISAE-SUPAERO & ENAC engineering schools teamed up with the ONERA national research center to create the largest campus in the world dedicated to aeronautic and space engineering with:

550+ graduated students per year

550+ researchers

• An exceptional set of research equipment for education programs as well as fundamental or applied research that can be used by companies by partnering with those institutions.

Numerous students and a world class education

Outstanding IT Training Courses

20,000 IT students in 55 courses
5,500 IT researchers

Numerous universities form highly qualified digital workforce

  • INSA Toulouse / ENSEEIHT / ENSIACET / MINES ALBI / EISTI PAU / Université Toulouse 1, 2 et 3 (Formation MIAGE, SID, SIAD, ICE, STRI, ASIC, SCG)

The following schools also offer degrees up to master levels


The institutes of technology IUT in Blagnac and Rangueil provide IT training courses at the bachelor level

recherche et développement - R&D

A top 10 R&D region in Europe

  • Occitanie is the first region for the share of GDP devoted to R&D (3.7%) and the only region to have reached the 3% objective put in place by the European Commission as part of the Europe 2020 strategy (Insee, 2017)
  • 1st French city in terms of students remaining in the area upon completion of studies (+3,950) ahead of the Paris region (+3,350) (Insee 2017)
  • 1st French city for the annual arrival rate of highly educated workers (research and design executives: 6,17 for every 1000 jobs; Paris 5,57 - Bordeaux 3,34; INSEE 2013)
  • 1st  French city in research intensity with 16.2 researchers for every 1000 employees
  • 1st French region for executives working in R&D: 40%

Main research centers and laboratories: