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Toulouse, ville universitaire

Toulouse is the 2nd university hub in France

The University of Toulouse is the second created in France, in 1229, and today includes 130,000 students including 15,000 foreign students.

1stFirst university destination

 (L'Étudiant, 2015)

22nd university city in France

since 1229

1515,000 foreign students

130130,000 students

Numerous students and world class education

  • 1st most student-favored city for higher education (L’Etudiant, 2015)
  • 130 000 students, 15 000 foreign students
  • 2nd oldest university in France, created in 1229
  • Federal University of Toulouse regrouping 23 higher education entities as well as 6 research institutes

recherche et développement - R&D

A top 10 R&D region in Europe

  • Midi-Pyrénées, 6st most R&D oriented region with expenses totaling 4.8% of GDP (cf. illustration)
  • 1st French city for the annual arrival rate of highly educated workers (research and design executives: 6,17 for 1000 jobs; Paris 5,57 - Bordeaux 3,34; INSEE 2013)
  • 1st  French city in research intensity with 16.2 researchers for 1000 employees
  • 1st French region for executives working in R&D: 40%

Main research centers and laboratories: