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The health tech of tomorrow

The health sector is doing well in Toulouse!

Initiatives are growing to fight cancer, diabetes, obesity... with strong cross-fertilization and numerous cutting-edge technologies (space, IT...).
France is building new, data-driven healthcare :
Creation of the Health Data Hub

  • 20 M€/year budget to fund innovation
  • Different data sources to combine and connect them to their deep scientific and clinical data
  • New value and new opportunities for healthcare
  • Preventative, personalised, predictive, participatory medicine

Toulouse a European and global research center

Dermatology, cosmetics, gerontology, cardiology, infectious disease…Toulouse is a global health research center!

Toulouse un centre européen et mondial de recherche

Key figures:

  • Health is a leading sector for employment in the Occitanie region representing 18% of all employees (140 000 employees + 20000 self-employed)
  • 9,000 public and private researchers in the health sector
  • 20,000 jobs in the private sector including 10 000 in R&D: more than 200 SMEs and startups work daily with key actors such as Sanofi, Evotec or Pierre Fabre
  • Around 190,000 people work every day in the medical and health sector R&D in the Occitanie region
  • 4,8 % of GDP is dedicated to R&D (1st region, 4th for medical R&D)
  • A focus on Toulouse:
    15,000 students, 2,200 researchers in the health sector, 8 hospitals, 9 clinics, 110 companies gathering 3,500 employees and one major site: the Oncopole.
Toulouse, la ville rose

Toulouse: golden age for health digitization

A merging of healthcare and technology

  • #1 ranked hospital in France
  • Capital of AI
  • Capital of IoT
  • Capital of data analytics
Medtech - for the health tech of tomorrow

Health technology in Toulouse’s DNA

2 major projects


Preventative medicine - 57 M € budget.

  • Geroscience program on identifying digital biomarkers for aging.
  • Promoting active and healthy aging.
  • Dedicated building gathering research, care, and innovation:
    600+ internationally renowned experts.


Participatory medicine

“To speed up market access, Toulouse Univ. Hospital has to gather healthcare professionals and patients on one side and industrials on the other side.”

says Marc Penaud, Toulouse University Hospital CEO.
Innov Pole is a collaborative platform for developing prototypes, carrying out ergonomic testing and providing support to companies developing products (e.g. EC mark).

Toulouse, a center of excellence for the health tech of tomorrow

2 major healthcare actors

Toulouse University Hospital (CHU)

  • 3,170 beds
  • 850,000 patients
  • 280,000 hospital stays per year
  • 15,800 employees (full-time )
  • Spending 1.2 billion € per year

Pasteur Clinic

  • The 3rd largest private French health institution in terms of turnover
  • The 1st French private clinic for cardiology
  • 2 to 3 M€ per year to support medical imaging solutions, AR tools, eHealth platforms and cloud solutions
  • Dominique Pon (CEO) leads the digital chapter of the “Ma Santé 2022” national healthcare program


Business Development Manager Health, Cosmetics & Industrial Biotech


Tel: +33 (0)5 34 25 58 27 - Mob: +33 (0)6 27 60 60 46

Jennifer LARTIGUE - Ingénieure Commerciale Santé, Cosmétiques et Biotechnologie industrielle - Invest in Toulouse

Pierre Fabre: turning to digital innovation

The second largest French pharmaceutical company in terms of anticancer research

  • Involved in the entire connected health value chain
  • Looking for:
    • digital services to treat diseases (dermatology, cancer);
    • compliance with treatment – Analysis;
    • remote patient follow-up;
    • medical diagnoses: how to digitize patient examinations;
    • digital optimization of therapy development processes.

Toulouse takes the lead in high tech for health

Toulouse provides disruptive technologies to radically improve the entire patient and physician experience.

Surgery > Da Vinci Robot
3D material > CIRIMAT - Interuniversity Center of Materials Research and Engineering
E-health > MEDES - Toulouse Hospital and CNES
Realistic simulation > Dassault Simulia
Training > ITSIMS - Toulouse Institute for Healthcare Simulation

Toulouse Oncopole: a translational campus for life sciences 4.0

A major major urban development project by Toulouse Metropole.

Toulouse Oncopole: a translational campus for life sciences 4.0

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