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Toulouse, cradle of future technologies

Toulouse concentrates on a place all the know-how of the terrestrial and air transport systems: subway and autonomous shuttles, Hyperloop, drones, planes and satellites.

3Top 3 Startup cities in France

4.8%of GDP is dedicated to R&D

1st region in France

8.7Balance of trade: +€8,7bn.

1st region in France

Toulouse: an asset for the transport of the future

Toulouse: a centre of excellence for artificial intelligence and autonomous transportation.

They chose Toulouse for their world HQs in 2016

In June 2016, Airbus Group inaugurated it world HQs in Toulouse :

  • €100M investment in a 5,5ha facility welcoming 1500 employees.
  • Airbus represents 27,000 direct jobs and 85,000 indirect jobs in Toulouse

In June 2016, Siemens Mobility inaugurated its world HQs in Toulouse for its fully automatic VAL metro systems
A 10,000sqm facility welcoming 100 employees

In October 2016, AKKA Technologies, a technology consulting group, inaugurated its world HQs for its aeronautic activities

  • €30M investment
  • 1 000 employees and 500 more announced for 2017
Toulouse, l'open métropole

Toulouse, the open metropole

Committed to a sustainable and smarter city, the Open Métropole aims at testing new technologies in the public environment

  • 18 experimentations with local startups
  • 8 public-private demonstrators: LTE in the metro, free high-speed WIFI around the city, smart management of clean water, innovative parking
  • 15 emblematic projects: Data Platform for public data & connected devices, smart public lighting, autonomous vehicles
  • 1 « Small Business Act » to involve all local SMEs in public projects with Toulouse Métropole and all its partners
  • Toulouse Métropole 1st public investor in France after Paris: €500M in public investment before 2020
  • €4 billion invested in big municipal projects (3rd metro line, Urban Cableway, high-frequency buses)

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