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Invest In Toulouse provides free and confidential assistance during each step of your set-up and development in Toulouse.

At every stage of the set-up process, the company benefits from free and confidential support from Invest in Toulouse with regards to finding a location, recruitment, sourcing funding and liaising with local contacts. Invest in Toulouse also assists staff relocating to Toulouse.


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Set up operations in 2018

557jobs created

in 2018

Podium #11 - Rufus Stanly, Dualeap

Founded in the city of Ernakulam in Kerala province of India, Dualeap, an engineering company specializing in innovative technologies, decided after two years of prospecting and exchanges, to create its first French subsidiary in Toulouse in order to be closer to a welcoming ecosystem, rich in the aeronautics, energy, and maritime industries.  Dualeap has developed in particular for aviation its ClearBox technology; a flight data recorder that transmits info to the ground in real time.

Invest in Toulouse is a catalyst for open innovation, fostering valuable, mutually beneficial connections and partnerships between foreign and local organizations.

Information on Toulouse

Presentation of Toulouse

  • Presentation of Toulouse
  • Provision of viable economic information and
  • Identification of business opportunities essential for the success of your project
  • Information on French company, tax and labor laws

Education Tour
Organization of a 2-day educational tour in order to meet potential local partners and clusters.

Invest in Toulouse, une équipe à votre service

Set-up support

Site-selection and help in finding the right mentoring network in Toulouse

Local recruiting support

  • Translation - Legal information - Diffusion of job offers - Preselection of applications
  • Contacts in recruiting and head hunting agencies

Public and private funding

  • Screening of key subsidies and loans - financial simulation - Guidance in subsidy document filings
  • Contacts of private investors

Contacts of local bilingual lawyers, tax consultants and banks

HR mobility support

  • Immigration: Information on residence permits and assistance in official procedures
  • Information on living in Toulouse - organization of sightseeing tours
  • Contacts in relocation agencies
Implantation de Hyperloop à Toulouse

Promotion of your activity

Communication support and promotion of your new local establishment

  • Communication support and promotion of your new local establishment
  • Organization of a press conference
  • Help in drafting a press release
  • Social media communication (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)

Local networking

  • Invitation to cultural and sporting events
  • Monthly newsletters

Let's talk about your project!

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With the web-series "Podium" you discover why they chose Toulouse and how they managed their implementation with Invest in Toulouse.

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