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Toulouse, ville innovante

Emerging technologies

Toulouse: 50 years of history in artificial intelligence and autonomous transportation.
The Toulouse area is one of the most dynamic regions in Europe: the foundation of French robotics and AI started in Toulouse.

City of French Tech and IoT, Toulouse is where aeronautics, space and digital know-how intersect to create the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

4000 IT companies

50000IT employees

75+startup programs

offering cutting edge equipment

160+ R&D centers

Home of transportation and space engineering

Toulouse hosts companies related to autonomous and connected vehicles, aircraft & spacecraft.

  • Hyperloop Transportation Technologies launches its European R & D activities in Toulouse.
  • EasyMile develops its driverless shuttle in Toulouse.
  • EVA develops the first Compact Autonomous E-VTOL (Electric Vertical and Take-OFF Landing) in Toulouse.
  • Siemens Mobility World HQ: intelligent and efficient mobility solutions for urban, interurban and freight transportation.
  • Renault has acquired Intel’s R&D capabilities in Toulouse to develop its software lab dedicated to autonomous and connected vehicles.
  • Continental Digital Services France has its HQ in Toulouse, notably working on the eHorizon project to make autonomous and connected vehicles smarter and safer.
  • M3 Systems is specialized in the use of spatial technologies in transportation.
  • ACTIA has 30 years of experience in embedded systems for buses, trucks and industrial vehicles.
  • NXP has 50 years of experience in embedded systems for connected and autonomous vehicles.
  • Robotics Place brings together companies, research laboratories and high schools of the robotics and drones sector.
  • Automotech is the regional ground mobility association, a major local partner for this industry.
  • Aerospace Valley, the global cluster for aerospace based in Toulouse stands for the largest European labor pool in aeronautics, space and embedded systems.
  • LAAS is a world-class research laboratory specialized in robotics, among the world leaders in the security of embedded systems.

A place for testing

Toulouse has unique innovation campuses and multiple business areas dedicated to experimentation and innovation.


For intelligent and connected systems

The Francazal airport is the new hub for innovative autonomous transportation in Toulouse.

It is a 55 hectare urban reconversion project dedicated to the testing of autonomous vehicles and drones.

The site currently accommodates companies employing 300 people:

  • ATR (maintenance and prototyping programs).
  • Tarmac Aerosave (leading European aircraft storage company).
  • Airborne Concept (professional drone solutions).
  • Acia Aero Parts (aeronautics).
  • EasyMile.
  • Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.
  • EVA (Electric Visionary Aircrafts).
EVA - Electric Visionary Aircrafts


Land of testing

AutOCampus is a hub of collaboration between research, industry, transport operators, training and users around connected and autonomous vehicles.

The 70 hectares of private property, not constrained by legal obligations related to open roads, simplifies setting up test projects.

Bâtiment B612

Toulouse Aerospace

New centre for Aerospace excellence

Toulouse Aerospace is a new district of 56 hectares dedicated to innovation in aerospace and embedded systems in a university and research ecosystem.

Since March 2018, B612 innovation campus has hosted the IRT Research Institute, Aerospace Valley and a startup incubator.

  • 24 500 sqm dedicated to R&D and technological development in aeronautics, space and embedded systems:
    • IRT research institute
    • Aerospace Valley cluster
    • 9 600 sqm of offices for innovative companies
    • 1 600 sqm of public incubation space
  • Connected by 2 subway stations via the future third metro line.


Head of Business Development


Tel: +33 (0)5 34 25 58 26 -  Mob: +33 (0)6 46 70 88 39

Julien TOULOUSE - Responsable du Développement Commercial - Invest in Toulouse

Toulouse France's excellence centre in artificial intelligence

A pilot region in the government’s “France artificial intelligence initiative” that was launched in January 2017 to help set the broad guidelines of a favorable legislative and regulatory framework.

Main strategic application fields:

  • Robotics & drones
  • Language recognition & bots
  • Big Data & Machine Learning
  • Smart & Connected City
  • Mobility & ITS
  • Health, personalized medicine

IRIT | LAAS | IRT Saint-Exupéry | CeRCO (Toulouse Mind & Brain Institute)

Airbus | Thales | Dassault | Continental Digital Services | Renault Software Labs | Capgemini | NXP | Pierre Fabre

Elter | Inbenta | Chatbot develop | Gogowego | BrainChip | Delair | Wyca | Naïo | BTBP | BotDesign | Medexprim

Toulouse centre of excellence

A centre of excellence

Toulouse area is one of the most dynamic regions in Europe: the foundation of French robotics and AI started in Toulouse.