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Toulouse, place du Capitole

Toulouse, one of the most dynamic regions in Europe

Toulouse is 1st French metropolis for economic growth, demographic evolution, job creation and investment in R&D.

1.31.3 million inhabitants

4th urban area in France

+2.9%economic growth

GPD/inhabitant annually per year of GDP / inhabitant - 1st city in France

12.7%population growth

in 10 years - 1st city in France

Some records:

  • World capital of aeronautics
  • European capital of the space industry
  • Toulouse plays a key role in international space projects such as Galileo, Curiosity (Mars) or Philae...
  • 25% of population are students
  • European capital of Science, the city hosted the 2018 edition of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF)
  • 8 local researchers ranked as world’s most influential scientists; more than double that of rankings found in other cities in the region (Clarivate Analytics, 2019)

Other important facts:

  • Jean Tirole, laureate of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel in 2014
  • 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites
Toulouse, métropole française

1st French metropolis for

  • Economic growth: +2,9%/year in GDP per capita  – in Europe’s top 10 urban areas (of more than 1m people (400 in Europe), Eurostat Urban Europe 2016)
  • Demographic growth:
    • 1,3m population – 4th French urban area
    • +200 000 people in 10 years – in Europe’s top 10 urban areas (Eurostat Urban Europe 2016)
  • Job creation: +70 000 employees in the private sector in 10 years
  • First region for the share of GDP devoted to R&D (3.7%) and the only region to have reached the 3% objective put in place by the European Commission as part of the Europe 2020 strategy (Insee, 2017)
  • Having 14 competitiveness clusters, the region counts more than any other in France (Insee 2017)
  • Balance of trade: +€8,7bn. in 2016 (France: - 64,6bn)
  • Employee and worker satisfaction: 1st city in 8 developed countries (Censuswide 2016 – in front of Halifax, Charlotte, Dortmund and Berlin)
  • Start-up creations (excluding Paris – Trendeo 2016)

*The Toulouse-Paris flight is the most frequented in Europe with 2.3M passengers/year*

Aéroport Toulouse Blagnac

An international airport

  • Only 7km away from the city center
  • Highest rated French airport on flight-report.com (8,1/10)  and the only French airport in the Top 20 worldwide
  • 9.6m passengers in 2018
    • 23 new routes (7 Ryanair routes)
    • National (+2,6 %) international (+10,5 %) traffic growth
  • 80 destinations (of which 63 are international), 120 daily departures
  • Number of daily direct flights to European major cities:
    Paris: 40
    London: 10
    Madrid: 8
    Brussels: 4
    Amsterdam: 3
    Rome: 2
  • Geneva: 1
  • Berlin: 1, Munich 4, Frankfurt 3

Toulouse, France’s city with the most job creations

In terms of job creation press releases in French media
According to the national investment observatory Trendeo
*September 2017

Toulouse in France’s top 3 metropolises for: 

  • Number of startups created between 2014 and 2016 : Paris 1st, Toulouse 2nd, Lyon 3rd
  • Number of fundraising: Toulouse 1st (83),  Lyon 2nd (74), Bordeaux 3rd (66)
  • Jobs created by startups: Montpellier, Paris, Toulouse
Place Saint-Pierre à Toulouse

Toulouse in France’s top 3 metropolises for:

#1 Number of funds raised

#2 Startup creation 2014 – 2016

#3 Job creation in startups