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Navette autonome Easymile

Future Mobility

Toulouse, a unique blend of south art of living and high technology, famous for its aeronautics and space industry, but also for its strong automotive ecosystem!

Thanks to its aerospace legacy, Toulouse gained major competencies in embedded electronics that are now critical for smart mobility applications.

300mobility companies

15000industrial employees

3,5B€ market

200members TOTEM mobility cluster

Toulouse, city of mobility of today and tomorrow

Toulouse is where aerospace, electronics and digital know-how intersect to create the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

Home of smart & sustainable mobility

From the underground to space, Toulouse gathers innovative companies building autonomous, connected and sustainable mobility solutions. The whole value chain is:

mobilité de demain : autonome, connectée et durable

Navette Easymile, transports autonomes

An urban innovation lab

Toulouse is a hub of autonomous and connected vehicles, committed to urban mobility, focused on digital technologies and environment solutions. Toulouse has unique innovation campuses and multiple business areas dedicated to experimentation and innovation.

Vue aérienne de l'aéroport de Francazal

For intelligent and connected systems

The Francazal airport is the new hub for innovative autonomous transportation in Toulouse. It is a 55-hectare urban reconversion project dedicated to the testing of autonomous vehicles and drones, smart city digital platforms as well as new types of energies.

The site currently accommodates innovative companies employing 300+ people:

  • ATR (maintenance and prototyping programs)
  • Tarmac Aerosave (leading European aircraft storage company)
  • EasyMile (level 4 autonomous shuttles)
  • Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (building the fifth mode of transportation)
  • Bat connect (Smart connected maintenance-free battery system for light electric vehicles)
  • Water Horizon (new generation renewable heat)
  • Beyond Aero (developing the first long range hydrogen aircraft)
  • Aura Aero (designing and manufacturing aircraft that accelerate the decarbonation of air transport)

And many more...

AutOcampus Toulouse

A living lab embedded in the university campus

AutOCampus is a hub of collaboration & synergies between research, industry, transport operators, training and users around connected and autonomous vehicles. It part of a bigger project called neOCampus aiming at covering multiple research areas such as mobility, energy efficiency, smart buildings, eco-citizenship, and interdisciplinarity for the design of services.

The 70 hectares of private property, not constrained by legal obligations related to open roads, simplifies setting up test projects. So far 19 academic and industrial projects, financed by the Occitanie Region, the nation or the EU, are labeled neOCampus.

Toulouse Aerospace B612

New centre for Aerospace excellence

Toulouse Aerospace is a new district of 56 hectares dedicated to innovation in aeronautics, space and drones embedded in a university and research ecosystem. Since March 2018, B612 innovation campus hosts the IRT Research Institute, the Aerospace Valley cluster, a startup incubator as well as numerous companies.

The B612 is a 25 000 sqm building dedicated to R&D and technological development in aeronautics, space and embedded systems gathering:

  • The B612 is a 25 000 sqm building dedicated to R&D and technological development in aeronautics, space and embedded systems gathering:
  • The IRT research institute and technological platforms 
  • The Aerospace Valley cluster
  • 9 600 sqm of offices for innovative companies
  • 1 600 sqm of public incubation space

The district will be connected by 2 metro stations via the future third metro line and offers the opportunity to test innovative smart city solutions in IoT, connectivity, mobility and digital.

Vue aérienne de Toulouse

Cluster TOTEM – Mobility cluster

TOTEM is the regional Cluster for intelligent and sustainable mobility in Occitanie. It brings together companies, academics and research laboratories in the automotive, rail and maritime sectors. It supports the evolution of the mobility sector since 2021 following the merger of Mipirail, Automotech and the Automotive France Cluster.


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