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Toulouse capitale mondiale de l'aéronautique


Toulouse is the historic site of the French aeronautics and space industry with Airbus Group's HQ.

Airbus Neo

World capital of aeronautics

Airbus Group world HQ: 27,000 employees in Toulouse

  • 65 000 indirect jobs in 450 companies
  • 25% of French R&D in aeronautics and space (€2bn from Airbus Aircraft/year)
  • 630 aircrafts delivered by Airbus and ATR in 2021

Two main sites dedicated to aeronautics:

  • Saint Martin du Touch: 1st French industrial plant with 650ha et 40.000 employees
  • Toulouse Aerospace: New research and development campus in aeronautics, space and embedded systems of 56ha
Aéronautique : les technologies de demain

Toulouse is involved in leading projects

All the key-steps of the aircraft industry are in Toulouse: from the design, the certification, the manufacturing, the assembly, up to flight tests.

Toulouse, an ecosystem turned towards the technologies of tomorrow:

  • Energy-efficient aircraft: more electric, new materials, green propulsion
  • Intelligent aircraft: more connected, SPO
  • Smart manufacturing

Advanced training in Aeronautics in Toulouse

Research and laboratories directly supporting aerospace:
ONERA the national aerospace laboratory.
the IRT Saint-Exupéry research institute.
laboratories such as CIRIMAT; Laplace; CRITT.

Engineering schools (130,000 students annually) are a pool of talents for companies:
ENAC: the French school for pilots and air trac control.
ISAE - SUPAERO: world leader in aerospace engineering.
ENSEEIHT: electronics, mechanics and telecom engineering.
INP-ENSIACET: chemical, material, and industrial engineering. 
IPSA: engineering school in aeronautics, space and sustainable mobility.


Photo - ENAC School

Le pôle de compétitivité Aerospace Valley, basé à Toulouse

Aerospace Valley

The global cluster Aerospace Valley based in Toulouse represents the largest European labor pool in aeronautics and space. The team is dedicated to fostering innovation:

  • the Aerospace Valley has funded 615 R&D projects which represent 1.52M€ in 2021  
  • the cluster collaborates on European projects: CleanSky, H2020, Horizon Europe
  • with 2 weekly events on specific topics


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Charlotte VOISIN - Ingénieure Commerciale Aéronautique et Spatial - Invest in Toulouse
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