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Loft OrbitalTechnologies

Loft Orbital, a San Francisco-based startup created in 2017, decided to create a subsidiary in Toulouse, France at the end of 2019.

“Satellite-sharing” services

This company is developing “satellite-sharing” services, and can accommodate multiple customers and multiple payloads on board a satellite, or a constellation of satellites. Loft Orbital developed a universal interface and adapter, thus reducing the cost and lead time needed to integrate and test its satellites.

A vibrant space industry and space services ecosystem

The city of Toulouse has been selected because of its vibrant space industry and space services ecosystem, as well as for the pool of talent available. Additionally, Loft Orbital has found incentives to support its growth and a smart soft-landing solution locally.

The Toulouse operations of Loft Orbital will focus on EMEA customers. Around thirty new jobs will be created in Toulouse and will be dedicated to Innovation and Product Development.