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Infinite Orbitswill launch two satellites

Infinite Orbits, an in-orbit service start-up, will soon launch two satellites in 2022 and 2023.


Invest in Toulouse team, with the support of AD’OCC, helped the Singaporean project team establish their first connections with the ecosystem and together, administratively create the french entity. 

The first satellites will be sent directly into GEO to demonstrate the performance of the autonomous recognition and navigation software. The company plans to partner with some industry players to build much larger satellites dedicated to in-orbit maintenance and mission extension to GEO sats.

The same technologies will later be used to capture space debris, an issue that remains unsolved today.



Join the team! Infinite Orbits is preparing the expansion of its premises in the centre of Toulouse. Already with 12 employees, IO plans to reach 30 employees by the end of 2023. 

Charlotte VOISIN - Business Development Manager Aeronautics & Space 


Phone : +33 5 61 11 02 37 - Mobile : +33 6 29 94 70 60

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Photo Credit - @ Infinite Orbits