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Establishment in Toulouse IR BIOTECH

The young company IR Biotech has chosen Toulouse to develop a new innovative solution in the fight against COVID-19.
Indeed, the company's mission is to develop a cellular immunity test that will allow to verify the effectiveness of Covid vaccines and to determine whether a person who has been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus is really immune.

To get off to the best possible start, the startup will be housed at the IPBS (Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology), a public laboratory of excellence in infectiology, and the only laboratory in Occitania with an animal facility open to COVID projects. In this field, the IPBS has recently distinguished itself in its research work thanks to its unique know-how in France: the culture of organoids (in vitro culture of organs as close to reality as possible, maintained in 3D) in order to test the effectiveness of drug candidates against COVID-19.

This know-how has been used to research treatments for COVID-19 by testing some thirty molecules on 3D mini-lungs. The most efficient ones will then be valorized by the pharmaceutical industry.

The know-how of the IPBS as well as its technologies and equipment, sometimes unique in Occitania (including an animal facility open to COVID projects, P3 laboratories...), allow innovative startups to come and carry out their proof of concept to develop unique solutions in infectiology while benefiting from a preferential hosting rate.