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Visual intelligenceDELAIR

In 2011, DELAIR was hosted in one of our incubators and supported by Toulouse Metropole. Since then, the company has become a big player in the drone industry through the development of its own UAV hardware and their many variants: X100 DT18, DT26x, UX11. Additionally, in 2013, DELAIR created a service platform for imagery with Delair Stack to store data, and an internal process to analyze images and provide insights to customers.

The company is dedicated to fixed-wing drones that meet the requirements of long-haul flights. This ability enabled them to sway customers such as SNCF (French railway network), Enedis, and the European Commission to join their clientele.

Intel has also been key in DELAIR’s expansion as they invested several millions of euros in 2018 in order to strengthen software branch of the company and its decision support system. With this investment and some strategic acquisitions (Gatewing, Airware / Redbird), DELAIR has launched “delair.ai”, a visual intelligence platform. Now DELAIR employs more than 180 people, has also established operations in Los Angeles and Singapore, and has customers across 70 countries.

In March 2020, DELAIR signed a contract with BASF to analyze BASF’s field trials all over the world. BASF collaborates with DELAIR to quickly obtain and digitize information regarding crops in order to accelerate their R&D and getting new products to market.