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Toulouse Champion ofEconomic Resilience

Toulouse Champion of Economic Resilience...Even in 2020!

By Silvia Ferrari
Toulouse Métropole Promotional Agency
Deputy Director of Invest in Toulouse + Film Bureau

Despite the economic and health crisis, Toulouse is the leading French metropolis for its economic performance, according to the Arthur Loyd study released at the end of 2020. The Pink City, 2nd in the overall attractiveness ranking, after Lyon, "retains its hegemony in terms of economic indicators, demographic dynamism and the presence of talent".
But let's highlight the figures in this study, which reflect the strengths of the metropolis.

Toulouse is ranked as France's leading metropolis for:

  • Economic resilience: Toulouse is the French metropolis least impacted in 2020 by the evolution of the salaried workforce with a -2.5% dip instead of -3% in Paris or -3.4% for the national average.
  • Demographic dynamism: +33% increase in population over the past 20 years compared to 25% in Bordeaux, for example.
  • Available talent: no other metropolis in its category can boast such a high proportion of post-secondary and post-graduate talent among its population.
  • Local mobility: Toulouse is the leading regional city in France in terms of investment in urban transportation. Some major projects are underway: the 3rd metro line, the urban cable car, the recently completed extension of the metro’s A line, the LINEO buses, etc...
  • Low housing costs, making it more attractive to employees and students

Toulouse has been cultivating this exceptional attractiveness for several decades now, but as the study highlights, urban projects and the city's beautification in recent years have also contributed to this performance. Indeed, new themed zones have been created, such as the Oncopole (Health of the Future Campus), Toulouse Aerospace (Innovative Aerospace and Embedded Systems Campus), Francazal (autonomous and carbon-free mobility) and Grand Matabiau (downtown business district).

On the other hand, all Toulouse residents are eagerly awaiting the high-speed line (LGV), without which its accessibility is penalized. "The health crisis has sharply reduced air travel, which was a major asset to the city's accessibility, and it is therefore at a disadvantage compared to cities with high-speed line access," the study notes.

- Deputy Director of Invest in Toulouse + Film Bureau