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The social and solidaryeconomy

Following two years of engagement with local partners, Toulouse Métropole has been awarded the "French Impact Territory" label for the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE).

« This is a highly significant event for our area » stated Nicole Miquel-Belaud, a Metropolitan and Municipal Councillor for Toulouse since 2014 that is in charge of this project, « as the SSE is a driver for strong and dynamic economic growth and job creation. Nevertheless, this is a sector of activity that the general public still know very little about. In effect, the SSE is an economic sector like any other, but with a different final goal because it places the human element at the very heart of its model. The profit it generates is reinvested in the industrial infrastructure, in the employees and their training, which is precisely what makes it so unique and so powerful, especially in this period of both social and economic crisis...

The SSE in a few key figures

Toulouse Métropole currently accounts for 42% of SSE jobs, whilst this sector accounts for 18% of the region’s turnover. It involves 3,100 employers and covers 33,000 employees! In total, Toulouse Métropole accounts for 15.4% of SSE jobs in Occitanie, or 1 job in 6, and 71.6% of SSE jobs in Haute-Garonne.

The human added value of the SSE

In order to judge the significance of the SSE, however, it is important not to simply focus on these figures alone, because the SSE brings so much more to a region: local services, social justice, the relationships between individuals, environmental protections, etc...

The French Impact Territory label for the SSE

This label rewards all the work done alongside the « Fabrique Toulousaine » from Toulouse Métropole’s SSE, which provides support for manufacturers during every stage of their life cycle, from concept to realisation, with support for solidary funders, co-working spaces, network heads, and our flagship venue in Bellefontaine...

The "Fabrique Toulousaine" also offers specific tools such as the Social Innovation Incubator "Première Brique" for the start-up phase, the “Parcours Adress” and the local DLA support system for the development phase, an accelerator, a crowdfunding page...

In 3 years, "la Fabrique" has supported 130 projects and financed 70 others, which has contributed to creating or consolidating around 2,000 jobs, because the real strength of this offer is that it is truly comprehensive in the way it provides a genuine support network.

In the case of all these projects, Toulouse Métropole's hallmark can be explained through two key factors of success:

  • Co-Construction
  • The establishment of a public-private partnership

This label will provide Toulouse Métropole with a genuine network and the possibility of exchanging experiences, help with removing regulatory barriers, the opportunity to build partnerships with companies in the so-called traditional economy, as well as the means of obtaining additional funding for Toulouse Métropole and for local businesses.

In the context of increasing competition between cities, territories and urban areas, the SSE is an essential point of difference for Toulouse Métropole, because it is one step ahead of other territories in this field. It is also the answer to a growing demand from a younger generation in search of more meaning, and also from the not so young, such as the 40-year-old executives who are looking to invest themselves in something different and for whom the SSE offers an opportunity in the second stage of their careers".