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Global Space in Toulouse by Toulouse Space Show

From 16th to 18th June 2020

The world's rendez-vous for the space community and application sectors.

Global Space is the international meeting place for the entire community involved in the space sector. It shines a light on the potential that space has to offer - notably in Toulouse, the European City of Space.

a new rendez-vous dedicated entirely to space

All stakeholders involved in space technologies are invited to a new rendez-vous dedicated entirely to them, where access to space will be fundamental (ground segments, launchers and satellites) and where geolocation (LBS), agriculture, health, transportation (maritime, rail and air), Internet of Things (IoT) / Artificial Intelligence (AI), new mobility options, security and defence, finance and entertainment will be all areas which, through actual applications, will demonstrate the openness to which the global space industry is committed.

Plan du MEETT

Global Space in Toulouse

Global Space in Toulouse is the global rendez-vous that aims to bring together thousands of participants from diverse sectors in June 2020, then every two years thereafter, in order to:

  • Devise and design the models that will enable the space applications of the future to be developed.
  • Develop industrial collaborations and public/private partnerships.
  • Enable traditional stakeholders and newcomers to share their visions of the future for the space sector.
  • Encourage new audiences, particularly young people, to take an interest in space industries.

Global Space Galaxy

40,000sqm dedicated to the presentation and showcasing of innovations provided by the key players in the space industry. The exhibition is intended to provide visitors with a fully immersive experience and to help them find out about the most innovative industries, technologies and applications on the market. It is a unique stage on which major international innovations across the entire value chain in the space sector can be presented.

Global Innovation Stations

Located right at the participants’ entrance, in the centre of the exhibition, the Global Innovation Stations present innovative technologies and projects of the future backed by major partners in collaboration with start-up and focused on usage. The Global Innovation Stations aim to promote the emergence of new collaborative solutions to the global challenges that the space sector is addressing (health, mobility, defence, security, environment, etc.) - inventing the business of tomorrow!


A site for showcasing national and regional innovation ecosystems to an international audience. A storefront for clusters, research centres, space agencies and international economic development organisations. It is the perfect tool for identifying the territories in which the space industry is being constructed.

Launch Pad

Connecting large companies, investors and start-up is an essential element of Global Space. The Launch Pad will help to make these connections happen through business meetings, project presentations and talks by experts focused on the acceleration and financing of projects.

Global Space Meetings

Targeted meetings between participants, planned according to the collaborative and business interests of each of the parties. These voluntary and qualified meetings upstream of the event enable participants to optimise the quality of b2b contacts.

Global Space Talks

A programme of plenary conferences, high-level master classes and unique displays in front of an audience of 3,500 people. Leading presenters (officials, industry leaders, astronauts, researchers, etc.) will offer their inspirational visions of the evolution of the space industry and its areas of application.

Global Space Forum

Thematic conferences, workshops and work sessions run by experts in rooms with capacities of between 30 and 300 people. Direct contact between participants and presenters, which is conductive to dialogue, debate and interaction. Conferences to help with understanding and anticipating the impact of the space industry on the economy and on society.

Global Space Campus

Activities put together with companies and training organisations, aimed at school and higher education students, to promote the attractiveness of careers in the space sector: jobs and career guidance area, training presentation area, fun demonstration areas, interactive educational pathways, conferences and round tables. The aim is to nurture career interest.

+Global Space In the City

Activities and events aimed at the general public throughout the Toulouse conurbation in collaboration with local communities and the Cité de l’Espace. Truly a space festival aimed at reaching as many people as possible through the cinema, photography and literature. The space industry with a culture of openness!

Global Space in Toulouse by Toulouse Space Show

Toulouse, European capital of Space

Position your company as a key player of the space community

  • Invest in the Global Space stage to share your vision for the sector.
  • Highlight your technologies and innovations during the exhibition.
  • Benefit from first-rate international media coverage.

Develop your business and your network

  • Meet with international decision-makers from the public and private sectors.
  • Establish partnerships through customised meeting formats.
  • Identify the most promising start-up.

Understand current and prospective developments to prepare for the future

  • Understand the trends from the industry and the application sectors.
  • Take part in the high-level dialogue on the impact of the space sector on society and the economy.
  • Share collaborative experiences during the work sessions.